Read Chapter 1 for Free!

I am delighted to be able to let you know that Master Books have given me permission to offer the first chapter of the book free on this blog.

Chapter One deals with the important first four words of the Bible – “In the beginning, God…” We see how these four words tell us that:

  • God is central to everything
  • God was before everything
  • Everything had a beginning
  • God was there before that beginning
  • God is the key subject matter of the universe
    1. To get the pdf of chapter one of The Six Days of Genesis, use the button below.



The Six Days of Genesis

Welcome to the blog of the book. Here, you will find information about the book and comments on it.

The Six Days of Genesis was first published in 2005, under the title “Just Six Days“, by J6D Publishing. It was republished under its new title in 2007 by Master Books.

In September 2007, Paul was interviewed by Vic Eliason of CrossTalk Radio, on the subject of the book. You can hear the interview below:

Alternatively, download the mp3 file for later, by right-clicking on the link below, and selecting “save link as…”

CrossTalk Radio 5th Sept 2007